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Homecoming is a energetic container that creates powerful transformation with the essencence of remembrance. It is a beautiful walk home, discovering the parts of yourself that have been lost or forgotten along the way. Returning home to your most beautiful Soul led life. 

Teacher of Generational Healing®

Your family’s past continues to live through you in unknown ways that can be influencing the way you think, feel and react today. Understand how to heal your generational lineage. 

Soul Parent Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator

The spirit of your child desires to be heard, seen and acknowledged for their authentic expression. Learn how to develop a strong relationship with the spirit of your child today.  

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I am so glad I found Melissa. She is a truly caring person who respects and works with each individual’s beliefs and needs to find the treatment and resources that is right for them. She has helped me to make improvements in my life and feel more centred and more like myself. Thank you Melissa!

- Maggie

Melissa’s passion to help her clients is amazing. She has worked with me to remove limiting decisions, and any obstacles I ‘felt’ were holding me back. As a entrepreneur, it is important to surround yourself with people that will keep you focused. Thanks Melissa!

- Mel

Melissa has a warmth and beautiful energy to her. Instantly, she made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I didn’t know anything about Reiki before, but thought I’d try it out. I had such a great experience, I have now recommended her to my friends. Melissa truly has a unique gift.

- Vaneesa

I met with Melissa in October of last year. We focused our session on 3 key goals. I can say with confidence I walked out of the session feeling lighter, brighter, and more focused. Looking back, our session gave me the confidence to move forward in the sectors we chose. I felt comfortable with her right away, and our session felt more like a get together with a friend. She was open, kind, and approachable.

- Michelle

Without writing a whole essay, i can say that this was one of the most trans-formative experiences of my life, but i can only say that now in hindsight. Looking back i see now that Melissa help lay the ground work for many transformations to happen!!!

- Jordan